Philosophy of Finances

Policy Regarding Local Churches

It is the policy of the Native Evangelical Fellowship for all local native churches who are members of NEFC to be independent and indigenous. They are to establish themselves to be self-governing, self-supporting and self-propagating. As a self-governing body they are responsible to draw up their own by-laws and church constitution.


The Native Evangelical Fellowship encourages the native churches to be self-supporting by the believers’ tithes and offerings. As the Lord blesses each Christian, they are to give unto the Lord (Malachi 3:10; Luke 6:38; 2 Corinthians 8, 9). God’s work will go forth because of the believers’ faithfulness in giving.


The Native Evangelical Fellowship encourages the native Christians to witness and share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. To be self-propagating each local church is responsible to share the Gospel in their own community and nearby region.


Each local church is to take the initiative and be responsible to purchase or rent facilities for their local Fellowship. The ideal is that the financing for the land or building for the local church should come from local Christians and people. The native believers should not rely on or report to missions for finances. The local churches will also be responsible for the financial support of their pastor. If the local church is not able to give their pastor a full salary, he should get a part-time job to supplement his income.


The Executive of the Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Inc., who are working full-time will raise their own support. Indian missionaries who are accepted to work with any mission will abide by the mission’s policy with regards to support and by-laws etc.



In 1971 the Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Inc., received a legal patent charter from the Canadian government recognizing the Native Evangelical Fellowship as a legal Incorporation. As an Incorporation the Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Inc. has the authority to purchase land, hold property, build buildings, establish churches, etc. It also give the Native Evangelical Fellowship the authority to ordain its workers so that they can carry out the office of a church such as solemnizing marriage ceremonies. Even though we are a fellowship of Indian churches across Canada, in the eyes of the Government of Canada because of Incorporation, we have become a denomination, an official church body in Canada under the name of the Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Inc.

General Fund


The General Fund is the largest and main fund of all the other funds in that it has several smaller expenses within it. NEFC Churches have giving on a regular monthly basis towards NEFC General Fund. NEFC depends on whatever avenue the Lord may use to support this work but as the indigenous churches continue emerging more and more of the General Fund is now being supported by the native Christians themselves. This is the application of the self-supporting principle that NEFC highly recommends to its membership churches.


The General Fund sustains:

Travel Expenses. The General Fund has to pay transportation cost for all Executive Board Meetings as well as field trips to member churches and mission fields.

Publication Expenses. The cost for printing the NEFC News, brochures, tracts, letterheads and envelopes come out of the General Fund.

Special Projects. NEFC General Fund gives financial support to the special outreach projects to the native people. The General Fund has given partial support to Bible Camps, Bible Schools, radio and missions.

Office Expenses. A major expense of the General Fund is spent on covering the cost for the office administration. The telephone bill, rent, postage, office equipment and miscellaneous office needs come out of the General Fund.

Staff Support Fund


Full time workers for NEFC must raise their own personal support. Any funds clearly designated to any NEFC worker or department will always be applied in full to the designated account.

Christian Workers Fund

Often small “mission works” are unable to fully support the Indian pastor or Christian worker so the minister must either take up part time secular work or be assisted from the worker’s fund. Monies from this fund in the past have been sent where a pastor has had an emergency need. Also help is given to needful Christian workers at the NEFC Office

Revolving Loan Fund

NEFC encourages that each local Indian congregation be responsible to finance its own buildings. With caution and without violating this self-supporting principle NEFC in the past has had in place a Revolving Loan Fund. Where a local church can apply for a modest loan and then repay the loan to the Fund over a period of time. In this way, the NEFC offers resources of funds while still keeping within its policies of self-support for indigenous churches. Donations, bequests and memorial gifts toward this self-help program are tax deductible in Canada.

Supporting Our Work...


Reaching any people with the good news of Jesus Christ costs money. Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, even though it is native operated and indigenous in the truest sense of the word, relies on Almighty God for His Spirit to direct His stewards in properly investing their funds. Christians of all races and denominations are needed to become “mother churches,” as it were, to help the young Native Christian organizations to grow. Any work that is beginning relies upon assistance from outside sources and the NEFC is no different in this respect. 


We see the future day when Indian Indigenous churches will fully participate in the support of the worldwide mission endeavor: As well as fully supporting their own organization. Should the Lord challenge you to share in the progressing work of Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (NEFC), please designate your gift to the fund or funds you are led to give towards. Make all cheques and money orders payable to the Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Inc.



Canadian Financial donations sent to this address:


Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Inc.

Box 4096

Redwood Postal Outlet

Winnipeg, MB   R2W 5K8



For the benefit of foundations, the Canada Tax Registration number for the Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is: 10776 4920 RR0001


The Canadian Council of Christian Charities policy (CCCC) is that the designation of gifts should be written on a separate piece of paper other than the cheque.”



For donors desiring a US tax deductible contribution please write your checks or money orders in US currency payable to: DM Stearns Missionary Fund


D. M. Stearns Missionary Fund
PO Box 1578

North Wales, PA   19454

God can give you all you need. He will give you more than enough; you will have everything you need for yourselves. And will have enough left over to give when there is a need.   (2 Corinthians 9:8) (NLT)




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Fellowship and spiritual growth is accomplished through an annual General Conference, an annual Pastor's Conference, and within NEFC News and other Publications.